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Related post: Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 16:16:03 +0000 From: Dave Clarke Subject: Remanded to the Custody NineDisclaimer: The following is an original work of fiction that contains graphic depictions of sexual activities and erotic abuse between males. All characters are portrayed as being over 18 years of age, as you should be to read this. If you aren't, or if such material is offensive to you or illegal to read where you are, then stop reading year vise pussy pics now. All rights are reserved by the 10years girl sex author. Please download for personal use only. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and real persons or places is purely coincidental.REMANDED TO THE CUSTODY by humilusNineOtto opened the 16 year tits 12 year old tgp cage 13 years old sex door and attached the leash to my collar. "Herr Kirby is hosting an old friend over the weekend." He led me down the hall to the shower. "I want you extra smooth Slave, and extra clean. Your Master's guest is a diplomatic official and his old friend. He may offer you to his guest as entertainment." Otto secured 16 years old toppless the ball gag behind my head. "Climb onto the table on your hands hardcore 14 years girl and knees, and push your ass up." teen sex 14years He spread my porno years buttocks. "I'm going to shave you again." He held a warm washcloth against me. I lowered my chest to the table and rested my head on my arms. I heard tits 16 year old the faint hiss of a shaving cream can, 20 year old porn and smelled aloe. He applied the shaving cream with his 16 years virgin nude fingertips. porno 16 year foto I quivered as he slowly 14year girls sex pussy ran his thumb fifteen years boy sexy down the cleft and across my anus. "You dirty little slut," he chuckled to himself. He shaved me with the deliberate movements of a watchmaker as I struggled to remain still. Then he wiped me down with a towel. "Remove the gag and don't put on his restraints," Hans said. He held up a dark green terrycloth robe. Put this on him before you bring him over. He answered Otto's puzzled young pussies 12 years expression before Otto asked the question. "It's like with food Otto. It's all about presentation." He laughed and handed Otto the robe.Otto walked me up the steps of the main house and opened the front door. picture fuck child 10years The robe felt good teenpics 15 years against my skin and the smell of floor 16 years fuck anal wax, leather and fresh bread settled on me photos nude 14 years as we stepped into the foyer. Track lights bathed the oil nude 14 years old paintings that lined the walls porno under 17 years of the foyer and hall with a warm glow. Voices grew louder as we walked perteen nude 15 year down the hall. Otto stopped me and stepped into a large room. "Are you ready 16 years non nude for him Sir?" "Yes, please bring Castigo in Otto." Kirby's voice was unmistakable, and the sound filled me with a mixture of fear and longing that I didn't understand. tgp 17years old sex Otto led me into a large room with two couches and several overstuffed chairs. Ignacio Kirby leaned forward on a couch AND poured Scotch into two small tumblers that sat on a coffee table. A younger man who looked to be in his late forties or early fifties sat back in the chair next to the couch, naturist pageant 12 years dressed in 14 years teen pornsite an open necked oxford cloth shirt and linen slacks. He looked totally relaxed but physically alert at the same time-- like a lion in the tall grass. His tasseled loafers were 13year old girl porn buffed to a shine that indicated a military background, and his high and tight crew-cut made me think perhaps he was one of the few good men. "Alexander, this is Castigo," Kirby nude 16 years teen said handing the man a tumbler of Scotch. Alexander appraised me without speaking, moving his eyes and not moving his head. After a few seconds that seemed to last hours he sipped his drink. "Is he all that you expected?" "I'll let you judge for yourself Alexander," Kirby said. "Otto you may leave." 12 years old cum He took the remote control for my collar and set it on the table next to the bottle. Otto tuned and waddled out of the room. "Castigo, stand before Alexander." I took the three steps slowly and stopped five feet in front of the man. "Now allow the robe to drop to the nudist under 14 years floor and remain standing." I took thirteen year old porn in a deep breath, 14 years old nudes untied the terrycloth belt and shrugged the robe off my 13 years girls porno shoulders. It tumbled to the floor at my feet. I felt my face flush as both men casually studied my nude body. "Turn your back to us Castigo," Kirby said. I slowly turned, keeping my shoulders square and my back twelve year old pussies straight. "Is that a butt plug I see?" "Yes," Kirby said. "It's by Njoy. It's quality stainless steel and weighs a quarter of a pound-- a wonderful training tool. Castigo, bend forward from your waist and spread your buttocks." I felt the blood rush to my penis as I leaned forward and tightened my anus around the heavy stainless steel plug. "The weight and 16 years under porn shape of the plug allow it to be worn almost constantly," Kirby continued. 13 year old nudes "The reflex action of constricting the muscles of the anus makes them stronger and more flexible." "What is the name of the Manufacturer?" "N-J-O-Y," Kirby spelled it out. "They started out making electronic cigarettes that don't burn." "Electronic cigarettes?" Alexander asked. "They are plastic and look like cigarettes, but when you draw on them you get a 17 years sex galleries water mist that contains nicotine. I've never tried one, but they claim the taste is the same." "Interesting, given the push to outlaw smoking in the States." "Yes, we are becoming quite the nanny 12 years nude gallary state," Kirby said. "I suppose that's porn 16 years old why you continue to serve overseas." Alexander laughed. "Yes, and the money, and the quality of life," Alexander said. "Need I go on?" "I am quite content here," Kirby said. "I go back to Brazil every year to attend to things, but I spend the rest of my time here in the States. What I was missing was a good boy. Castigo needs to be trained properly, but I think he will work out." "How far along?" "We've just begun," Kirby porno 16 years nude said. fifteen year old nonude "That's why I was 16 year sex pictures so pleased to hear of your visit. A bit of your time and 10 year old porn patience would do wonders at this stage of his training." "I would be more than happy to help, Ignacio." "Please, Alexander, for the rest of your visit, consider him yours." I heard both ukraine years old tgp tumblers settle on the table and the sound of 16 year porn picture Scotch being poured. "Turn 16 years girlsex movies around and come to me." Alexander's voice suddenly had an edge that sent chills up my spine. I turned fucking teen 13 years and stepped toward him with my eyes cast at the floor. "Present." I knelt in front of him and put my arms behind me, grasping my elbows with the opposite hands. He leaned forward in his chair and touched the back of my head with his fingertips. Electric shocks arced through me like lighting schoolgirl 14 years fucked bolts, sexy 14 years old causing me to shudder. "Relax, boy," he said softly. He slid his hand down my neck and down my back, lightly caressing my buttocks. "Who did the tattoo work Ignacio? It is very good." "A local guy. He is very good indeed.""I won't need it," Alexander said waving off the remote control. "I am sure I can handle 12years kid pic the boy without it." He attached the leash to my collar and led me to the teens 14 years sex foyer. "Coffee is at six Alexander," Ignacio Kirby said. "Boa noite Alexander." "Boa noite Dom Kirby." Alexander led me onto the porch into the still night air. Goose bumps formed on my exposed skin as we walked along the brick path to the guest house, to the serenade of Alexander's footsteps and the sound of my rubber flip flops against the hard clay bricks.Alexander removed the leash from my collar as soon as we stepped non-nude 16 year old into the guest house and then removed his shoes. I stepped out of my flip flops and placed them beside his loafers. "Follow 14 years porno sex me." He walked ahead of me, down the hall to the bedroom, unconcerned that I wasn't in restraints. In the bedroom he started to unbutton his shirt and pointed to the floor. "You may kneel while I undress." I knelt and fixed my gaze on the floor at his feet. He dropped his shirt and pussys 17years old girls trousers on the bed and then sat 13 year old pornpictures down to remove his socks. He stood up and dropped his briefs to the floor. "My trousers go in a hangar in the closet. Everything else goes into the laundry girls teens 14 years bag behind the under 12 years fucking door. When you're finished, go to the kitchen and get me a tumbler with four ice cubes and the bottle of Cutty Sark from the cupboard over the stove. Bring them in here and 14-year-old non-nude female photos wait for 14 yearsold child porno me to shower." I reached for his briefs youngest nude 15 years as he walked past me into the bathroom. He stopped and turned to face me. I froze and my heart started to buzz lightyear porn race at the sight of his nude body. His chest muscles were well defined, sculpted by hours of exercise or 12 years old porn athletics. They tapered to a flat stomach, then down to legs that were sinewy and well muscled. His uncircumcised penis and large scrotum hung below a tuft of dark hair. Flaccid, he was at least six inches long. He turned hot 14 years teens and entered the 12years girl child porno bathroom. I carefully folded his clothes and went to the kitchen, listening to my own heart beat and reflexively tightening my anus around the stainless steel butt plug.I was kneeling on the floor next to the bed when Alexander stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a large towel. "Pour me a drink." He walked to the dresser fucked 16year girls and slipped a steel Rolex pussy pics 16 years Submariner watch over his wrist. He took the drink from my hand and 13 year old jacking I resumed my kneeling position on the floor. He took a sip and set the glass on the dresser. He crossed the room and stopped directly in front of me, then allowed the towel to drop to the floor. "Your Master has asked me 80 year old pussies to assist in baby porno 12 year your teens 17 years nude training." His voice was low, but strong. "Is that what you want too, Castigo?" I felt myself fumbling for words. "Is boy 14 year gay 8 year old nude that what you want?" "Yes... that is what I want Sir," I stammered. He opened the dresser drawer and removed a set 13 years fucking video of handcuffs. "Stand and turn your back." I jumped up, turned and offered my wrists eagerly. The sound of metal teeth clicking shut left me breathless. He squeezed them closed and then turned me to face him. He steadied me with his strong arms and brushed my cheek with his fingertips, then lowered me to my knees. I leaned forward and opened my mouth 10 years pussy pic as he guided his engorged penis between my parted lips. I inhaled his musky scent and taste. I closed my eyes, wrapped my lips around him and started to rock back and forth on my knees, sucking and teens porno 15 years pressing my tongue against the bottom of his thick shaft. He grabbed the back of my head and 12 years old nudist rhythmically pressed me against 14 year old xxx him, driving his penis deeper and deeper down my throat. I struggled to relax and suppress my gag reflex. I felt a sharp sting and heard the slap of his belt against my buttocks at the same time. I struggled to continue pleasuring him. Alexander stepped back and I fell back with my butt on teens 15years anal my sex 17years heels, reflexively sexy 10 years old clenching the butt plug and reeling from the combination of pain and 12 year sex passion. He took a ball gag teens 12 years porno from the same dresser drawer. "I'm sorry if I made noise Sir," I stammered and then opened wide as he xxx 14 years old forced it into my mouth. girls 13 years fucking He fastened it behind 15 year porn pics my head and pulled me up by my shoulders. He bent me over an upholstered foot stool and picked up his thick leather belt. I took a deep breath and steadied myself. 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